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As you browse you’ll learn more about our strategic location, range of environments, and the innovation community that will be calling the HELIX NJ home. Or, if you prefer a chat, we'd gladly take you up on that. Reach out and we'll set up some time.
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Before there was Silicon Valley, Kendall Square, or RTP, there was New Jersey. We have been firmly centered in the seat of innovation for centuries, and continue to hold this position today. From Joseph Henry to Thomas Edison, Selman Waksman to Shirley Ann Jackson, The HELIX NJ draws on the region’s DNA as a place of innovation and invention, ushering in a new era of ideas and leaders.

Where ideas are brought to life.

Emphasizing a culture of invention and action, The HELIX NJ provides innovators the location, environments, and community to turn great ideas into breakthrough realities.
A place for:
A place with:

Location, Location,

Strategically positioned at the heart of the Northeast Corridor; America’s largest innovation megalopolis of 50 million people.

a culture of

Designed to serve a broad range of organizations in size and scope, The HELIX NJ has assembled an unprecedented mix of public and private leaders.

Nokia Bell Labs is coming to The HELIX NJ.

After considering 25+ locations across the country, Nokia Bell Labs will be investing in a new 360k square foot R&D facility at The Helix NJ.

The New Jersey Innovation Hub @ The HELIX NJ

Occupying 3 floors in the first building at The HELIX NJ, The New Jersey Innovation Hub will serve as the epicenter for early stage companies and projects.
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